New Updated Jan 2022 Janeva’s Phase 1 Cookbook

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Janeva’s Ideal Recipes Cookbook for the Ideal Protein ® Phase 1 diet is a soft cover spiral-bound cookbook which includes 240+ easy to follow recipes.

Categories include Main Entrees, Breakfast & Breads, Beverages & Smoothies, Salads & Soups, Veggies, Desserts & Sweets, Snacks and Condiments.

Foods you thought may be off limits during the phase 1 weight loss journey are possible with recipes such as Angel Food Cake, Cheesy Breadsticks, Peanut Butter Pancakes, Perfect Pizza, Fried Pickles, and so much more!



The newly revised 2022 Janeva’s Ideal Recipes cookbook


  • 139 new recipes of 245 total – all the favorites from past cookbooks will still be included in the newly revised 2022 edition cookbook. Every single recipe (favorites) has undergone a makeover – they are unbelievably delicious and improved.
  • The new recipes will not be available in a supplement as the supplement would cost more than the entire new cookbook.
  • The cookbook has increased from 100 pages to 160 pages and remains spiral bound.
  • The baked goods are off the charts amazing – an all-new method for baking them. No more dry or rubbery goods. Many have no eggs so those who are allergic to eggs have great baked goods too.
  • All Ideal Protein food packet names are correct and updated, for example, the former Potato Puree is now Mashed Potatoes, etc.
  • All recipes now reflect the 6 oz. lean protein daily serving size. For those still using the 8 oz. lean protein, there is a tutorial how to use the cookbook recipes that makes it a cinch to add 2 oz. more to the daily total.
  • 153 recipes do not include Ideal Protein products; the remaining 92 recipes include Ideal Protein food/packets in recipes.
  • There are some Air Fryer, Slow Cooker, and Instant Pot recipes now included with alternative methods to cook them.
  • Every recipe has a photo.
  • No more than two recipes to a page (except beverage section); this makes the cookbook more user-friendly and easier to read with larger font.
  • Better organization of contents by category.
  • Servings sizes now list lean protein, veggies, oil, milk (dairy), and whether the recipe includes restricted or unrestricted.
  • More family-friendly recipes for those who are not on IP so the dieter cooks only once for family meals.
  • Limited use of Walden Farms products (as much as possible).
  • All books are individually vacuum sealed in plastic, so they are clean from germs or dirt when they arrive. Covid has taught us well.
  • A portion of the proceeds from the cookbook will continue to be donated to Samuel’s House Foundation, Janeva’s late son’s charity feeding hungry kids.
  • Categories are color coded on upper edge page bleed in the cookbook to quickly find recipe sections.
  • Includes 2 indexes – one index by category and the other by IP products
  • Veggie section includes the veggie weight chart and now has an added roasting chart for most all protocol veggies.